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About Fluent Touch

Those in the know call touch – “the mother of senses” – since it is the first sense to develop in all species. At the embryonic stage skin cells and nerve cells stem from the same matter – which reveals what our skin really is – a highly sensitive smart touch-pad, able to register the slightest changes in the environment and trigger response.

The art of massage uses direct contact to encourage exchange of neuromuscular and emotional information from superficial to deep, releasing blockages of various degree and nature.

Restoring the harmonious rhythmic flow of a well-functioning organism frees up space for overarching feelings of peace and joy and as “man is a model of the world” – the more balanced and happy individuals walk over the skin of the planet, the better environment we’ll all share.

Based on my life-long interest in architecture, music, rhythm, anatomy, yoga, nurturing spaces and wellbeing, I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and whole body awareness, seeking to train further and integrate better my intuitive sensitivity how to create spaces of joy, while helping others find their flow and release tensions. For more on the connection architecture - anatomy - read my blog.

After the first anatomy class that enthralled me, I have completed ITEC recognized diploma in Holistic Massage - Level 3, Sports and Remedial Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy - BTEC Level 5 with the School of Natural Therapies and am fully insured and registered with the ISRM. I have trained with the Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute up to Level 3, hold qualifications for Seated Chair Massage, Deep Tissue Release and Pregnancy Massage. The journey continues and it is fascinating.

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Massage

Classic soothing bodywork - fusion of Swedish and Asian styles - performed on a massage table. Increases blood and lymph flow, intensifies detox and encourages gradual muscle and tissue release. Suitable for calm relaxation, reduces stress and tension.

Can be combined with human tuning techniques for deeper grounding.

40 minutes £35

60 minutes £53

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Space Therapy

 "The places we inhabit condition how we live."

How to inspire optimal levels of happiness, wellbeing and comfort? Tangible criteria and practical guidance to help you create soul-flow in your home and workplace.

Holistic Design

consultations and workshops.

Based on ancient wisdom and latest science.

1 h consultation £80

Advisory Report £170


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage - developed by Master Kusum Modak of Pune, India is a powerful combination of deep tissue massage and assisted yoga stretching. It is performed on a mat and requires active participation and coordinated breath-work from the receiver. The therapist uses hands, feet, whole body weight and gravity to maximise restorative impact.


90 minutes £125

Remedial Therapies

On-site Massage

Intense remedial work to relieve topical pain in the upper body - performed on a special chair. 


Suitable for neck and shoulder postural injuries remediation, reduces stress and tension.

Can be performed at the workplace.

10 minutes £15

20 minutes £26

Pregnancy Massage

Supportive gentle bodywork for mums-to-be. Holistic approach to remediate tensions and slow circulation of fluids.

During this highly challenging period of our life our bodies need all the support and care we could give them.

40min £35

60min £53

Soft Tissue Therapy

Based on sound anatomical knowledge and physical tests to locate the cause of the issues.


Fluid combination of remedial deep tissue massage, soft tissue release and neuromuscular techniques to increase the range of motion. 

Addressing injuries, trigger points, myofascial scar tissue and long standing restrictions.


40 minutes £53

60 minutes £80

Remedial Therapies


Fluent Touch

London to Southend-on-Sea

Tel: 078 5402 8989

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